They Don't Know

by Champ

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

Sometimes I miss subtle clues. My dad always taught me that if you have something to say, say it outright. His favorite question was, "What the hell are you trying to say?" I suspect that he had aspirations of being a writer. So he didn't put up with any subtleties or subterfuge. He wanted the truth, undiluted and undistilled.

"Get to the point!" He would say, he was fond of that one too.

I joined the Marine Corps right after high school. Mostly because I wasn't sure if my recruiter was coming on to me or not. He was brutally handsome and had a great car. I'm still not sure to this day if it was a good or bad idea.

My dad told me he was proud, although there was some reservation in his eyes. I think he had higher aspirations than the Marines for his only son, but he was very supportive of my choice.

Anyway, I was eventually stationed on a base in Northern California, the Bay area. By then I'd achieved the rank of an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) so I was assigned a single-man room in the barracks, that's not a rule. Lots of NCOs who'd been there before me had to share a room, but I think that I hit it off with the Sgt Major when I was checking in, so there you go!

I typically kept to myself. At least while I was still the new kid in town. But San Francisco was just across the bay so I decided to go there and see what it was all about. I'd known for a long time that I was attracted to men. In hindsight, maybe that was why I joined the Marine Corps, but the reason I'd told myself was that I wanted to impress my dad.

I found Castro Street without even trying. That is Mecca for gay men in San Francisco, although, its impossible to find a parking spot. I was terribly paranoid about being seen by any fellow Marines there.

One Friday night when I was preparing myself to go over to the Castro I ran into this guy in the barracks showers, his name's Rick. I'd seen him around work and in the barracks. He had a reputation for being an arrogant prick. He never seemed like that to me. We were only passing acquaintances, but as far as I could tell, he seemed like a nice guy.

Rick was gorgeous from the word go. Six feet tall, about 185 pounds, strawberry blond, piercing blue eyes and the most perfectly round ass I'd ever seen on a guy. Rick worked out too, so his body was wet dream material, by the same token I'm no slouch either. I look good enough to turn few heads myself. Especially with all that Marine Corps training.

I suspect that most guys didn't like Rick because he never hung out with them. And most of the female Marines were not able to get as close to him as they would like.

Anyway, back to the shower. I walked into an empty shower except for Rick. We exchanged pleasantries and got on with business of showering. I couldn't help staring at him surreptitiously. Come on, this guy has a great body and a very nice piece of uncut meat hanging very low between his ample thighs. I'd seen uncut ones before, but never up close and personal. His was quite nice and I wondered if he was half hard because it was so thick and long.

We were about three shower heads apart and I couldn't help taking a look at his nice ass and great looking cock. Perhaps I should mention that I'd had a few cocktails in my room. We refer to that as "Pre-flighting". Anyway, he caught me sneaking a peek at his meat while he was washing his short-cropped hair. I was sure he'd seen where my eyes were focused.

"Going out tonight?" Rick said.

"Yea, I'm just going out for a few drinks." I said as I turned my growing erection away from him.

"Yea, me too. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I can't hang around here." Rick said with a sly smile.

I knew he was onto me. But what could I do? I just turned the cold water up in an effort to persuade my cock to behave.

As Rick was still slowly, very slowly drying himself off, I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my towel. I didn't take time to dry myself, just wrapped the towel around myself and pressed my hardon down.

"Hey, listen, I just bought some new pants and a shirt, but I don't have belt to match. Do you happen to have a black belt that I could borrow?" Rick asked.

"Yea, as a matter of fact I have two." I said as I fumbled to hide my fully erect cock and play it cool as possible.

As we walked out of the shower, down the hall to my room, Rick made some small talk, about what, I have no idea.

I opened the door to my room and he followed me in. As I reached into my wall locker for the belt I heard the door close and lock behind Rick. As I turned to hand him the belt, I saw his towel slipping from his waist. He reached half heartedly to stop it before it fell to the floor, but by then his truly semi-erect cock was exposed and peeking out of its foreskin. My eyes locked onto it and he just stood there as if he wasn't sure if he should put it away or not.

"Whoa, that thing's huge!" I said.

"Yea, yours isn't too bad either" Rick said, as he let his towel drop to the floor.

My mind was racing at this moment. I wasn't at all sure what I should do next. I just loosened my grip on my towel and it fell off because my fully hard member had been pushing it to that logical conclusion.

There we stood to studly Marines, totally naked and freshly showered. I just didn't know what I should do next. I was like a deer in headlights. After what seemed like an eternity, Rick took a step forward and pulled my head toward his and kissed me full on the lips. I dropped the belt and we embraced. Our tongues danced over each others' like some beautiful ballet. Or so I would imagine, I've never been to a ballet. Anyway it was great.

He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer, his other hand finding its way down my back and slowly caressing me. My hands found his waist and pulled at him as well. I let my hands slowly flow over his bubble butt. I lightly smoothed the little fuzz on his ass. Then I squeezed his cheeks firmly, which elicited a loud moan from him. I moved one hand to small of his back and the other sought out his crack. All the while he was kissing me like I'd never been kissed before. I felt really strange and nice to his stubbly face and mouth close to mine. His hard, muscled body pressed up against mine and humping into mine.

Rick was excited and his rock hard cock explained that to me. I could feel his pre-cum sliding down my belly. He kept rubbing the back of my head with one hand, while the other caressed my neck. My cock dueling with his, trying to find some unfound spot that would take us to the next level.

As Rick pulled his face back from mine he said, "Hadn't you better close the curtains?

"Yea!", I said as I disengaged myself from his arms, I closed the curtains and then offered him a drink.

We both did a shot from the bottle of Jack Daniels that I kept in my mini- fridge. We followed the shots with a swig from my beer. Then both of us took another shot and sat down on my bed. Even though his looks could propel him to a stellar modeling career, I couldn't bring myself to look him in the eyes.

"This obviously makes you uncomfortable, so I should go." Rick said.

"No! I mean yes, I'm a little uncomfortable, but stay..." I said in a hushed tone.

Rick smiled a wicked little smile and we lay down on my bed. I couldn't keep my hands from his uncut dick. It was so slippery and slick, I felt cheated with my own cut dick. Damn my parent for yielding to popular opinion!

"I've never seen one of these up close." I said.

"What, a hard dick?" Rick said with a clever little smirk.

"No, an uncut one, you idiot!" I said.

"Well, feel free to examine it."

As I crawled lower to examine my specimen, Rick said, "You know, the taste test is the best way to tell if its alien or not.

So I licked it a little. The head was only half way out of its little hood. I loved the look of it. I pulled the skin back a little more and it looked any other hugely, erect cock. I put my mouth over the head and played with it for a while. This could hardly be described as a blowjob, as I was more playing with it than sucking on it. I wanted to know everything about it. I played and played with it. Pulling the foreskin back and forth. Marveling at how huge it was and sticking my fingers into the rim.

Rick just lay there, occasionally caressing the back of my head. Then I went into full on blowjob mode, trying to get as much of it into my mouth as possible. He really appreciated that. He pulled me into a sixty-nine position with me on top. Rick seemed to know what he was doing, because I was so ready to shoot at any moment. His deep throating was unparalleled. I felt my cock slip deeper into his throat than any human being should be able to take. He never complained.

Rick pulled me up to his face.

"I want to fuck! You up for that?"

"I suppose..." I said.

I was totally sure that he meant fucking me, but as he turned over he asked if I had anything to use as lube.

I used my body lotion to lube his fine ass. He made quite a bit of noise as I slipped one, then two, then three lubed fingers into his ass. I would have continued on to all four fingers if he hadn't stopped me and said that he was ready. I had enjoyed playing in his asshole. It was so terribly tight, warm and responsive to my hand. Looking at his beautiful body lying prone before me was a treat for anyone's eyes. He was hot and very beautiful. And most of all very trusting...

I went straight for the prize. I climbed on top of that beautiful ass and tried to shove my rock hard cock right into him. He reached behind himself and grabbed it.

"Go easy man, there's no hurry okay?" Rick said as loosened his commanding grip on my dick.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I'll take it slow." I said.

Rick turned over and let me lay between his big muscular thighs.

As I pushed my stiff aching cock into Rick, I couldn't help but wonder if he'd been in this position before. I suspected that he had. But a big studly Marine like himself? Surely, this can't be so.

He moaned and groaned as slid into him, but he never stopped my progress. I was all ready for one forward motion of just getting into him, sinking all the way into him, but he stopped me halfway and said that I was killing him.

"I'm sorry dude, I don't want to hurt you, but you feel so good wrapped around my dick!" I said.

"Ungh..., please go a little slower." Rick told me.

At that, I stopped all forward motion and began to lick his lips and moved to his neck, then his chest. His nipples were very hard, like little diamonds. I licked and chewed on them as his legs raised his legs higher onto my back.

In a few minutes he began to pull on my back as though he wanted more, so I pushed a little harder into him. His asshole was like a very tight vise that was resisting any movement. I pushed and he groaned loudly. I told him to be quiet, since there were other Marines on both sides of these walls.

"I can't help it!" he groaned, "You're too big for me, we have to stop!"

"No, I can't stop now!" as I shove forward and buried myself into him.

"Ahhhgrrrr...!" Rick screamed as I sank into him totally.

I saw the tears form in his eyes when I finally looked up at him. As they rolled down the sides of his face he slowly released the grip he had on my back.

"I'm sorry, but I needed desperately to be inside you." I whispered.

"It hurts like hell! Just be still..." Rick said.

I was still, for a very long time. I just held onto him. I didn't move, except my throbbing cock. When he finally started to caress my back again, I felt that I could at least kiss him again. We let our tongues play in each other's mouths and kissed each others' necks while I was still fully lodged deep inside him.

After a little while he began to move his bottom so, I moved a little too. We began to fuck slowly. Rick was moaning quite loudly.

"Dude, you have to keep it down." I whispered to him. "These walls are very thin, people might us."

"Ungh, They don't know!" Rick said. "They'll just think you're fucking some chic! They know you're a big stud, at least that's what I hear."

"Not with a voice as deep as yours dude!" I told him, as I pressed my mouth onto his.

We kissed as I fucked him hard and long. I felt him stroking himself between our bodies and he started to moan as he came. It was more like humming, since my mouth was covering his. His body jerked and twitched as he jacked. His big legs squeezed and pulled me towards him as I moved into and out of him.

It's an amazing thing to feel a male body in the throes of passion, as he climaxes and is so totally over the edge and out of control that nothing in world can stop his impending explosion. That in and of itself is enough to cause another man to cum. Straight or otherwise. A man's orgasm is certainly something to be reckoned with. I doubt that anyone could stop themselves from falling into the frenzy.

I couldn't help myself as I felt his body contracting around mine. His asshole gripping my cock as tightly as it could. The look on his face, eyes squeezed shut, hands gripping my body. I was overtaken by my own powerful orgasm. As his massive cock shot load after load onto our bodies, mine shot deeply into his asshole. We both made far too much noise in lust crazed daze.

Rick's fat, still throbbing cock laying between us, my still hard cock up his ass, we both pulled apart and heard laughing and cheering in the next room. We both got our towels back on and sat side by side on the bed looking at each other.

I wondered if he'd yelled my name in heat of passion and he wondered the same thing. We couldn't be sure what that was about, but they grew silent in few minutes.

"I've got to get out of here without being seen!" Rick whispered.

"No shit!?" I said in the same tone.

We waited a while silently, before either of us made a move.

Rick got up and left quietly. I assumed no one saw him as he left.

That night I showered again and went out as planned. I forgot about the guys next door until the following week when one guy gave some vague reference to me liking to fuck guys. Luckily, he didn't make his jibe in front of anyone else. I just ignored him for a while. He made a few more remarks, while just ignored him. No one else ever said anything about it. But I'm sure they knew.

I don't think they knew it was Rick. But his words kept ringing in my ears, "They don't know!"

Afterward, Rick and I just resumed our casual acquaintance. The funny thing is that I never saw him in the showers again. Alone that is.

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